Predictive Justice

Towards a fully automated data-driven platform for Legal Analytics

Predictive Justice for us is not just a buzzword but a long-term commitment to Justice in all its dimensions, aware that technology is called to serve justice as a fundamental right, a duty under the rule of law, a social good.

Trough the combination of different expertise and tools in coherent and integrated pipelines, we contribute the building blocks to develop enabling technologies, innovative methods, new knowledge, and practical tools to serve Justice, as a founding value for any democratic society.

Our vibrant community aims to make data science, AI and their progresses trustworthy allies of Justice remembering always that at their core is humanity as a goal, not as a means.


by Irina carnat The news about the first “robot lawyer” defending someone in court sounded like the beginning of the end (of …

by Irina Carnat As many fellow researchers or others simply curious about the latest “gadgets” in AI-driven applications, I too got to …

18 settembre 2022, ore 17:30 #savethedate Privacy Week – No al giudice-robot, sì alla tecnologia al servizio dei diritti Irina Carnat parteciperà …

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