LiderLab and EMbeDS of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna showed the experimentation of an innovative platform for searching and interpreting legal documents at TG2 News Rai (National broadcasting).

The platform exploits the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence on legal texts to automatically recognize personal data to be anonymized, proposed facts, verified facts, the reasoning of the judge, legal rules used, and decisions made on a specific legal case.

The annotated data is made available to different types of users using a sophisticated search engine that allows to easily identify and compare the most relevant parts of a trial.

This tool will provide decision support to judges, who can easily evaluate the reasoning and decisions of colleagues on similar cases.  Lawyers will be able to identify the determining factors in decisions, such as which legal rules have been applied and which facts have been established. Citizens will be able to autonomously analyze the jurisprudential consistency and the compliance with the principle of equality on a fully anonymized database, for example by identifying judgments with similar facts but different decisions. 

The platform makes it possible to strengthen the trust of citizens in the judicial system. Also obvious are the spin-offs in terms of reduction of litigation and the possibility of agreed solutions between the parties involved.